Precision Machining

At PCX our precision machining excellence extends to flight critical rotorcraft components and fixed wing aerostructures that are close-tolerance and high-wear in design.

We offer two, three-, four- and five-axis milling and turning equipment, including multiple state-of-the-art DMC duoBLOCK 5-axis milling machines . Our CNC grinding equipment allows for complex work path grinding of angles, faces and radius in one operation, increasing the ability to hold tight tolerances.

Our skilled machinists and engineers work with a wide range of materials from aluminum to hard metal alloys including titanium, Inconel and steel. We also maintain specialized machining capabilities such as grinding, threading, hobbing, broaching, gear shaping and spline grinding.

We perform precision machining of structural airframe components on several major commercial and military aircraft programs. High speed manufacturing processes are utilized in the fabrication of wing and fuselage components. Additional production capabilities include large, tight tolerance structural assemblies to include engine pylon mounts, wing tip ribs, leading edge ribs, bulkheads, fittings and frames.

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3-, 4-, and 5-Axis CNC Milling

High Speed Machining

2-, 4-Axis CNC Turning

3-, 4-Axis CNC Boring

ID, OD, & Surface Grinding

CNC Cylindrical Grinding

Internal Spline Shaping

Gear Cutting: Shape, Broach & Grind