Our Roots

Since 1900 our long history of skilled machining has positioned us to become the trusted aerospace supplier we are today.

In 1900 Wilson L. Fenn founded the Fenn Manufacturing Company in Hartford, Connecticut, establishing roots as a machine shop that specialized in plug and ring gages. 40 years later, the company focus shifted to the manufacture of metal forming machines and materials during World Wars I and II.

1939 proved significant – commencing production of complex rotorcraft parts for Sikorsky and ultimately specializing in precision machining services for the aviation industry. By this time, business had converted to 100% military manufacturing. Following these years, the company re-entered the special machinery field while also continuing to supply limited aerospace related components and assemblies.

By 1948, the company purchased Standard Machine Company of Providence, Rhode Island, and was recognized for highly engineered metal forming machinery. With the advent of the Korean conflict in 1950, rotorcraft business increased, allowing for growth in aerospace manufacturing services including rotorheads, transmissions and sub-assemblies.

Throughout the decades, we’ve built a reputation for excellence in precision machining, mechanical systems and rotorhead assembly. We continue to grow and enhance our modern-day product offerings for new rotorcraft while meeting the advanced requirements of the ever-changing aerospace industry.