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May 11, 2016     

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Trevor Hartman

Vice President – Sales & Marketing


Newington, CT: PCX Aerostructures, LLC is pleased to announce it is again partnering with Central Connecticut State University to provide paid internships to Mechanical Engineering students as part of a continued focus on fostering interest in aerospace manufacturing.

A PCX internship gives students exposure to a knowledge base of seasoned aviation professionals who excel in applying innovative engineering concepts to solve complex machining issues in manufacturing. Adding fresh, new ideas and approaches from the interns results in even greater innovation and problem solving. Exposing interns to the process of complex precision metal machining at this stage in their development provides a foundation for a strong career path upon graduation.

John Nepley, Director of Continuous Improvement at PCX, commended the student-workforce collaboration.   “We have had the pleasure of hiring five CCSU interns. I found the CCSU staff to be easy to work with, and after reviewing the work we had envisioned for the interns, CCSU arranged for us to meet with some talented students. The level of competence and maturity of these students has certainly exceeded my expectations. They have a positive attitude, are eager to work, and have a well-rounded, broad experience base.”

Mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology programs at CCSU prepare students for rewarding careers in industry. Augmenting that education with hands-on internships in high value manufacturing environments makes the students highly sought after upon graduation. PCX employs a results-oriented approach to problem solving that affords the interns an opportunity to learn and benefits PCX with a more creative problem solving team. PCX has a continued focus on developing a future skilled aerospace engineering workforce.

“I cannot believe the way these interns have been prepared to hit the ground running, making positive contributions right away. The CCSU team truly does an exceptional job of preparing these young men and women for entering the workplace. It has been a pleasure to work with them,” said Nepley.

PCX Aerostructures is a world class supplier of highly engineered, precision, flight critical and structural assemblies for rotorcraft and fixed wing aerospace platforms. The company serves defense and commercial markets as well as the power generation industry through facilities in Connecticut, New York and Texas. PCX is a leader in producing complex parts machined from hard alloys such as titanium, Inconel and steel – where tight tolerances and quality are imperative. The company is also a premier producer of large structural airframe assemblies providing direct delivery, as well as Blue Streak manufacturing support, to production lines of to customers such as Airbus, Boeing, General Electric Aircraft Engines, Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky and Triumph Aerostructures. PCX Aerostructures is owned by RFE Investment Partners, 24/6 Capital Partners, and PCX Management.

RFE Investment Partners – based in New Canaan, CT – is a private equity investor with over 30 years of lower middle market buyout experience investing in growth companies in partnership with strong management teams.

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